Flying is never a particularly enjoyable experience, and is just a way to get from point A to point B. Unfortunately there are several ways that flying can become quite stressful, and certainly one of the most stressful has to be the risk of missing your flight. There are many reasons why this might happen, and even if you are the most prepared person in the world, there are some things that are simply outside of your control.

Imagine that you are heading to the airport, and your car breaks down, or there is heavy traffic. Even if you go with plenty of time, you never know what the M25 is going to be like, and you might end up sitting on it as your flight departs overhead.

Not only is this incredibly inconvenient, but it can also be very expensive if you do not have adequate insurance. Not only are you going to be delayed in your flight, but everything at the other end is going to go wrong. The hotel you’ve booked will have an empty room, and you’ll be wasting money all over the place.

There are a whole host of other reasons why you might be late for your flight, but let’s not mention them here, instead, let’s move on to a way that you can avoid a huge amount of distress, and that is by staying in a hotel, or bed-and-breakfast near the airport before you fly. Gatwick is an airport that is located just outside of London, and because of this, the roads serving it are fairly major. This means that they can suffer long delays, and by staying nearby the airport, you remove this risk.

Staying close to the airport also has other benefits, such as comfort. Many flights are very early in the morning, and if you live a long way from the airport, then you are going to have to get up incredibly early in order to make your flight on time, and ensure enough time to go through security. By staying close to the airport, you can wake up hours later, and take everything a bit easier, and stress free.

Furthermore, you’re going to have packed all your bags and the chances are that if anything is missing, you will realise before it is too late. All of this additional preparation generally leads to a much more stress free flying day.

In addition to this, it can also be financially sensible to stay at a hotel before you fly. It is well known that airport parking is particularly expensive, but there are some hotels located close to airports which offer a free shuttle service, and you will be able to park in their facilities while you are away, which are often significantly cheaper than the parking that can be found at the airport. All of this means, that staying at the hotel before you fly, might actually be a cheaper option, depending on how long you are going away for.

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